coeyson: After the storm
coeyson: Those late autumn afternoons.
coeyson: The Midwest conversation. Arms crossed or hands in pockets. Of course, you don't need to actually face each other.
coeyson: Fall Flowers.
coeyson: The Photographers
coeyson: Off road.
coeyson: Open Court.
coeyson: Getting in close
coeyson: Some art is best viewed with sunglasses.
coeyson: Looking in at people looking out.
coeyson: Someone is always watching.
coeyson: T-Bird.
coeyson: Cornered
coeyson: A hands on project.
coeyson: In the street
coeyson: The drummer in a rock and roll band.
coeyson: I usually don't tailgate, but....
coeyson: At sunset, turn around and look behind you.
coeyson: Everglades City, Florida
coeyson: Time to head out of town.
coeyson: Finally, spring in Minnesota. Raw image with tweaks in Photoshop.
coeyson: Everyone remembers their first time.
coeyson: Just chalk this one up.
coeyson: It's time.
coeyson: Spring flowers
coeyson: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
coeyson: Not a good time to run out of gas.
coeyson: Minnesota, The first of December.
coeyson: A touch of class.
coeyson: Getting down.