threejumps: Llanfoist Wharf
threejumps: Runa and Kiida
threejumps: Sugarloaf from the banks of the River Usk
threejumps: Autumn colours
threejumps: Swan Meadows, Abergavenny
threejumps: Me, myself, I
threejumps: Cribyn from Pen y Fan
threejumps: Macro sunflower
threejumps: Greylag Goose (Anser anser)
threejumps: Llanfoist Wharf
threejumps: Gone fishing
threejumps: Sugar loaf summit and trig.
threejumps: Shauna
threejumps: House Sparrow in a tree
threejumps: Shauna
threejumps: Blorenge Summit
threejumps: Keeper's Pond
threejumps: Young Peregrine Falcons.
threejumps: Floyd and the Blorenge Mountain.
threejumps: O man who walks o'er vale and hill,Through lea and meadow. Why dost thou turn thine eyes,Away from the silent teachings of nature?
threejumps: Lilĺy.
threejumps: Roses
threejumps: Castle Meadows, Abergavenny.
threejumps: First poppy.
threejumps: Rain on leaf.
threejumps: Rain on ivy
threejumps: Evening sunbeams.
threejumps: Spring.