Frans.Sellies: The old watertower of Viljandi, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: Jägala Waterfall, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: Bishop's castle with cathedral in Haapsalu, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: ABM (Another Blue Monday) / Narva, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: Pühtitsa Convent in Kuremäe, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: Cathedral in Helsinki, Finland
Frans.Sellies: View over Tallinn old town, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn, Estonia
Frans.Sellies: Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman
Frans.Sellies: Happy Friday ! / Evening in Khiva, Uzbekistan
Frans.Sellies: Grote Knip, Curaçao
Frans.Sellies: Sic transit gloria mundi / Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland
Frans.Sellies: Podarcis filfolensis maltensis (Maltese Wall Lizard)
Frans.Sellies: Mont Saint-Michel (France) (Unesco world heritage)
Frans.Sellies: Mandal in Norway
Frans.Sellies: University Library, Wageningen
Frans.Sellies: Late afternoon at the windmill
Frans.Sellies: View on the modern centre of Nur Sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan
Frans.Sellies: Lübeck reflection
Frans.Sellies: Greetings from Vlieland, Wadden islands, the Netherlands
Frans.Sellies: The Lighthouse Vuurduin on Vlieland, the Netherlands
Frans.Sellies: Frankincense tree in Dhofar, Oman
Frans.Sellies: Goes, inner harbour, The Netherlands
Frans.Sellies: ABM (Another Blue Monday) / Röderbogen arch in Rothenburg, Germany
Frans.Sellies: Thunbergia alata, black-eyed Susan vine
Frans.Sellies: Rain coming, Kourion beach, Cyprus
Frans.Sellies: Welcome to the state of Kuwait !
Frans.Sellies: The Mill Colonnade, Karlovy Vary, Czech republic
Frans.Sellies: Along the river in Malacca, Malaysia
Frans.Sellies: Spoonbill in flight, Schiermonnikoog, the Netherlands