CityOfDave: Nature takes back Ditmars Boulevard
CityOfDave: Casting Shapes
CityOfDave: Keys Make Here
CityOfDave: Dear Costumer
CityOfDave: George Washington penny postage stamp
CityOfDave: You always on ya damn phone
CityOfDave: 1912 George Washington Postage Stamp
CityOfDave: Church Sign
CityOfDave: Infected
CityOfDave: Three Blue Stars
CityOfDave: Third Avenue, Deserted
CityOfDave: Superfly
CityOfDave: Despair Prohibited
CityOfDave: Stormclouds over Queens
CityOfDave: Cheat Death NYC
CityOfDave: Landscape
CityOfDave: Abstract Landscape
CityOfDave: Blossoms Unto The Horizon
CityOfDave: The Girls of the Village
CityOfDave: Midair Snowflake over 57th Street, Christmas 2018
CityOfDave: Orphanage Facade, Rediscovered
CityOfDave: Christmas Balls on Sixth Avenue, 2018
CityOfDave: Firemen, New York City
CityOfDave: Fiery Sunrise Over Warwick
CityOfDave: Old Mailing Label
CityOfDave: Skippy
CityOfDave: An Unusual Bungalow
CityOfDave: Attic Apartment
CityOfDave: Felix the Cat
CityOfDave: Old Newspapers