ronmcbride66: Connemara: peat bog and mountains
ronmcbride66: Connemara fish farming: Killary Harbour
ronmcbride66: Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo
ronmcbride66: Horses and the Twelve Bens, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Connacht's best: portrait
ronmcbride66: The Twelve Bens: Bog Road near Clifden
ronmcbride66: Twelve Bens: grazing on The Bog Road
ronmcbride66: Omey Island, Connemara: a glimpse of the past
ronmcbride66: Thatching in progress, Tullycross, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Yachting on Killary Harbour, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Leenane Hotel, Co. Galway. Room with a view.
ronmcbride66: Anglers in a Connemara evening.
ronmcbride66: A Connemara lake. View on black.
ronmcbride66: The Bog Road Connemara: Twelve Bens panorama. View on black.
ronmcbride66: Connemara beauty, Ireland
ronmcbride66: Longshore drift
ronmcbride66: Peat bog, County Mayo. View on black.
ronmcbride66: Bangor Road, Mayo. Light and water.
ronmcbride66: A mooring in Mayo
ronmcbride66: Scots Pines, Co. Mayo
ronmcbride66: Last of the evening sun in the West of Ireland
ronmcbride66: Lough Inagh, Co.Mayo: Panorama
ronmcbride66: Gurteen Bay, Connemara. Panorama
ronmcbride66: The Twelve Bens, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Connemara lake. View on black.
ronmcbride66: Roundstone Harbour, County Galway, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Killary Harbour fjord, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Gurteen Bay, Connemara
ronmcbride66: Gurteen Bay near Roundstone. Panorama.
ronmcbride66: Irish Country House. Cashel, Connemara