ronmcbride66: Getting 'all your ducks in a row'
ronmcbride66: Norman castle, Dundrum, Co. Down
ronmcbride66: The Mourne Mountains from Keel Point
ronmcbride66: New tenant
ronmcbride66: 'Tis the season
ronmcbride66: All action on the mudflats, Dundrum Bay, Co. Down
ronmcbride66: Harbour view, Roundstone, Co. Galway
ronmcbride66: A cloudy day in Connemara
ronmcbride66: fungi on a tree undermined by a flood
ronmcbride66: Killary Harbour, Connemara: a yacht and a ferry
ronmcbride66: The Erriff river near Leenane, Co. Galway
ronmcbride66: Chaffinch clearing sunflower hearts
ronmcbride66: In the Sheeffrey Pass, near Leenane
ronmcbride66: Ireland's Atlantic Way
ronmcbride66: Blacksod, North Mayo ... the bay
ronmcbride66: Blacksod Harbour, North Mayo: lobster pots and iconic lighthouse
ronmcbride66: Claggagh mountain, Mayo
ronmcbride66: A boardwalk in a peat bog, Mayo
ronmcbride66: March visitor ... before the grass was cut
ronmcbride66: Nature's diagonal: the sun's journey
ronmcbride66: Osteospermum
ronmcbride66: Zanzibar: live scoreboard ...Everton 1 - Crystal Palace 1
ronmcbride66: WWII Naval vessel, Dundrum Harbour: end of days
ronmcbride66: Poppies: hoping for more of the same in 2024
ronmcbride66: Italy: Bergamo from Citta Alta
ronmcbride66: Focus on Rose Tequila Sunrise
ronmcbride66: Peony roses
ronmcbride66: Goldfinches, sunflower hearts and poppies