ronmcbride66: Red VW Beetle Convertible 1977. My first shot with 1,000 views.
ronmcbride66: Street architecture: glass box , Barcelona. My second shot to have 1,000 views.
ronmcbride66: Karamoja girls. What was the question again? 1967.
ronmcbride66: Derailed train near Morogoro, Tanzania 1968
ronmcbride66: Himba girl. My first shot with 5000+ views
ronmcbride66: Desert Homestead, Damaraland, Namibia.
ronmcbride66: Buttons
ronmcbride66: Dove in Etosha, Namibia. My 5th shot with 1000+ views
ronmcbride66: Muscle man
ronmcbride66: Minerals and leaves
ronmcbride66: Zebra and Springbok, Etosha
ronmcbride66: Riding towards the Mournes on Murlough beach
ronmcbride66: Birds in flight on the beach, Murlough Nature Reserve, Dundrum, Co. Down
ronmcbride66: Car wash
ronmcbride66: Ponies, hay and limestone: The Burren, Co. Clare. View on black
ronmcbride66: Himba: young woman's hair
ronmcbride66: Wrecked car on beach, Murlough, Co. Down
ronmcbride66: Italian Alps. Aerial view of U-valley, hanging valleys and lakes
ronmcbride66: Soil erosion Kondoa, Dodoma Region, Tanzania
ronmcbride66: Buttons
ronmcbride66: The New York Cafe, Budapest. View on black.
ronmcbride66: Jogging, Atlantic coast, North Antrim
ronmcbride66: Baby elephant.
ronmcbride66: Cannobio, Lago Maggiore: Hotel Pironi
ronmcbride66: Riding towards the Mourne Mountains
ronmcbride66: The garden: a bluetit, a slice of bread and a lot of snow
ronmcbride66: The garden: robin and crocuses
ronmcbride66: The garden: Blackbird in the snow
ronmcbride66: The garden: Goldfinches, sunflower hearts and a snow flurry
ronmcbride66: The garden: blackbird (through the window)