ronmcbride66: Lizard on lichen
ronmcbride66: Perigueux: camel caught in traffic
ronmcbride66: Desert Adapted elephants, Namibia
ronmcbride66: Pony on limestone. The Burren, Co. Clare
ronmcbride66: Pony in the Burren, Co. Clare
ronmcbride66: Oryx and Bushman grass
ronmcbride66: Kudu arrive and Hartebeest leave
ronmcbride66: Conflation at the waterhole. View on black.
ronmcbride66: Young Kudus, Impalas and Wildebeest
ronmcbride66: Down by the waterhole. Etosha
ronmcbride66: Red Hartebeest at a waterhole. Etosha.
ronmcbride66: Black beauty.
ronmcbride66: The browse line.
ronmcbride66: 13th century monastery. 21st century cow.
ronmcbride66: Winter's Grip: horses and hay
ronmcbride66: Horses in the December snow
ronmcbride66: Forty winks in The Namib. Do not disturb.
ronmcbride66: Tsavo elephants. April 67
ronmcbride66: December 10 2010. Could it happen again?
ronmcbride66: Desert Adapted elephants, Namibia, in thorn scrub
ronmcbride66: Eye of a Zebra
ronmcbride66: Springbok on the beach
ronmcbride66: Kudu at a waterhole: Etosha, Namibia
ronmcbride66: Elephant eyes
ronmcbride66: Cows reflecting
ronmcbride66: White horse in County Down
ronmcbride66: Walking with Baboons in the Naukluft Park, Namibia
ronmcbride66: The fowl and the pussycat
ronmcbride66: Pride of Scotland