Jim_ATL: morning light: scratching the surface
Jim_ATL: cafe curtain
Jim_ATL: cafe curtain II
Jim_ATL: busy intersection
Jim_ATL: still waters of summer
Jim_ATL: still waters of summer II
Jim_ATL: windows to the Nth degree
Jim_ATL: light up the alleyway
Jim_ATL: top spot
Jim_ATL: surveillance
Jim_ATL: hazy summer afternoon
Jim_ATL: concrete thinking
Jim_ATL: full sun
Jim_ATL: turning the corner
Jim_ATL: lunch room queue
Jim_ATL: mesmerized by the marquis
Jim_ATL: balconies out of the blue
Jim_ATL: joyful text
Jim_ATL: solo ascent
Jim_ATL: coffee perks up the morning
Jim_ATL: effervescent sky
Jim_ATL: matrix man
Jim_ATL: manning the atrium
Jim_ATL: spider
Jim_ATL: morning run
Jim_ATL: window of opportunity
Jim_ATL: bike lover's quay
Jim_ATL: windswept
Jim_ATL: warped windows
Jim_ATL: sphere of influence