chrisk8800: In the woods
chrisk8800: In a cafeteria
chrisk8800: Staircase
chrisk8800: Fountain in a shopping mall
chrisk8800: Sundown in the yacht harbour
chrisk8800: Advertisement in a beauty salon
chrisk8800: Trees
chrisk8800: Old chair designed by "Tonet"
chrisk8800: Reflection of a cafeteria
chrisk8800: Ladies gym
chrisk8800: A beer tavern
chrisk8800: The "Plaça Reial" square on a market day
chrisk8800: Glass cups
chrisk8800: Advertisement in a hair salon
chrisk8800: Entrance to the old railway station
chrisk8800: Colourful facade
chrisk8800: Statue
chrisk8800: Wall of bricks
chrisk8800: Bamboo
chrisk8800: Fountain
chrisk8800: A visitor from Africa
chrisk8800: Showing his granddaughter the map
chrisk8800: On her motorbike
chrisk8800: Sportsman
chrisk8800: In a workshop
chrisk8800: Street lamps
chrisk8800: Old rusted knob
chrisk8800: Marquee and sunshades
chrisk8800: Fashion store
chrisk8800: Old district market