chrisk8800: In a store
chrisk8800: Dummies
chrisk8800: Acorns
chrisk8800: Leaves and a wooden grid
chrisk8800: Modern facade
chrisk8800: Modernist facade
chrisk8800: Control Tower, Barcelona Airport
chrisk8800: Two friends touring the city
chrisk8800: Deciding what to buy
chrisk8800: An elegant lady
chrisk8800: Modern facade
chrisk8800: Mix use buildings
chrisk8800: Old observation tower
chrisk8800: Stairs to the beach
chrisk8800: Looking at something with interest
chrisk8800: Enjoying the sun
chrisk8800: Satisfied with her purchases
chrisk8800: Mirror
chrisk8800: Butterfly
chrisk8800: Cactus Gardens
chrisk8800: Modern interior
chrisk8800: Gardens in Blanes
chrisk8800: Modernist farmhouse
chrisk8800: Leaving at dawn
chrisk8800: Big stones at the beach
chrisk8800: Hotel in Sitges
chrisk8800: Carnival in Sitges
chrisk8800: Balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
chrisk8800: Fountain in the Ciutadella Park
chrisk8800: Pensive girl