fksr: Bioluminescence at Duncan's Cove, Single Exposure
fksr: Bioluminescence and a Tiny Meteor
fksr: Hairy
fksr: Buddleja and Monarch Butterfly
fksr: Late Bloomer
fksr: High School Physics
fksr: Three Hours - Stars Fading In
fksr: Three Hours, Annotated
fksr: Three Hours
fksr: The butterflies are back
fksr: September 2020
fksr: One Hour
fksr: After the Fire - 5
fksr: After the Fire - 4
fksr: After the Fire - 3
fksr: After the Fire - 2
fksr: After the Fire - 1
fksr: Yard Signs
fksr: A Hazy Tomales Bay Afternoon
fksr: Another Hazy Day
fksr: Turkey Vulture - 2
fksr: Turkey Vulture - 1
fksr: Watching the Photographer
fksr: Smoke-Filled Evening Sky
fksr: Smoke and Ash - 6
fksr: Smoke and Ash - 5
fksr: Smoke and Ash - 4
fksr: Smoke and Ash - 3
fksr: Smoke and Ash - 2
fksr: Smoke and Ash - 1