boriches: hawk in the tree
boriches: lake at 70 mph
boriches: Iced
boriches: the skating pond
boriches: U.S. Capitol
boriches: Promenade
boriches: Chiefly Red -- Kansas City, Super Bowl Champs
boriches: another wintry day
boriches: after the storm
boriches: snowy day
boriches: pub night
boriches: waiting room
boriches: a snowy day in the Ozarks
boriches: Mildred Pierce
boriches: chicks
boriches: food trucks fest
boriches: Farewell 2019
boriches: the creek in winter
boriches: All is calm, all is bright
boriches: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. . .
boriches: deer in the icy woods
boriches: Let it Snow
boriches: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
boriches: Whimsy: Hold me, Mommy
boriches: Looking for the heart of Saturday Night
boriches: Looking out my classroom window. . .
boriches: here comes the snow
boriches: pheasant in the tall grass
boriches: the lake in autumn
boriches: 2 deer at dawn