alanpaterson51: First Snow
alanpaterson51: It Can't Be More Montréal Than This / Station Métro Vendôme Ndg
alanpaterson51: When Autumn Leaves ..... Start To Fall
alanpaterson51: A Thing Of Beauty and Dedicated to All My Ex Vegan Friends
alanpaterson51: Sober October For 2021
alanpaterson51: Nothing Rhymes With Orange Except Sporange
alanpaterson51: Flash Mob
alanpaterson51: Early Morning Bird Feeder Bandit
alanpaterson51: August 16 2021
alanpaterson51: Here We All Are - Ram Dass
alanpaterson51: SOLITAIRE
alanpaterson51: Howling Winter Winds Outside In The Darkness ... But Refuge And Comfort, Here In The Reading Nook
alanpaterson51: The Buddha's Final Meditation
alanpaterson51: A Good Book With A Fine Dram And Favorite Snack yes life is good
alanpaterson51: Bewitched
alanpaterson51: Sunset Reflection Unto Eastern Clouds
alanpaterson51: Shots Fired And Ten Cars Show up - Young Punks Get Away - No One Hurt
alanpaterson51: Reading "Les Misérables" With The Proper French Protocol Concerning Libations
alanpaterson51: Too Close For Comfort
alanpaterson51: Who am I - The Eternal Question - One Week Private Yoga Retreat And Completely Alone - in Hemmingford Quebec 1994 - Forty Five years Old - tripod selfie
alanpaterson51: Thought About You Twice Today
alanpaterson51: Happy Lock Down in Montreal - Belated Solo Birthday Party for Me! and nearing (psychosis) ie - When I'm alone I'm in bad company!! - Slangèvar :-)
alanpaterson51: Bucket List Barker Shoes ... (check)
alanpaterson51: The Piano Tuner
alanpaterson51: "The First Miracle"
alanpaterson51: February 8 2019 - The Ritz Carlton Keeping The Riff-Raff Out in Montreal
alanpaterson51: It's Tea Time
alanpaterson51: Books / A Few Favourites
alanpaterson51: Montreal July 20 2019 1:30 PM - SUN VS SHADE