[@]Jendrix56: Nobody knows his name
[@]Jendrix56: On the other side, the world we knew / Al otro lado , el mundo que conocimos
[@]Jendrix56: Wings in the scars - Alas en las cicatrices
[@]Jendrix56: Stranger in a hostile world
[@]Jendrix56: Interiors
[@]Jendrix56: The blackest days
[@]Jendrix56: Little corner of my heart
[@]Jendrix56: The old book of the dead king- (2021 version)
[@]Jendrix56: Desert Days
[@]Jendrix56: Your best look
[@]Jendrix56: Tiempos de luna llena - Temps de lluna plena - Full moon times
[@]Jendrix56: Everything is now, nothing is eternal
[@]Jendrix56: Into the void
[@]Jendrix56: These are strange days
[@]Jendrix56: Waiting for nothing
[@]Jendrix56: This Charming Man
[@]Jendrix56: Places on the other side of the mirror
[@]Jendrix56: The owner of the world maps
[@]Jendrix56: Where the horizon is diluted
[@]Jendrix56: The enemy now lives within us all
[@]Jendrix56: Modern gods
[@]Jendrix56: Take care of the silence
[@]Jendrix56: Not magical days
[@]Jendrix56: Old New York days
[@]Jendrix56: About a recent past
[@]Jendrix56: In transit for the new year
[@]Jendrix56: The Call