[@]Jendrix56: The remains of my shipwreck
[@]Jendrix56: I burned a flag for you
[@]Jendrix56: Last afternoon with my memories
[@]Jendrix56: Where angels fear to tread
[@]Jendrix56: Faith is sleeping
[@]Jendrix56: ....the nights we lost
[@]Jendrix56: Into the wild
[@]Jendrix56: The party's for mannequins is over
[@]Jendrix56: ........ where nobody sees me cry
[@]Jendrix56: Familiar but far places
[@]Jendrix56: All Tomorrow's Parties
[@]Jendrix56: I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR
[@]Jendrix56: A place to hide, the tears that you cried
[@]Jendrix56: My world in two boxes ( The gift )
[@]Jendrix56: Promised land
[@]Jendrix56: In Search of Lost Time
[@]Jendrix56: Letters i never gave you
[@]Jendrix56: Returning from fear
[@]Jendrix56: Reflections about a sick world
[@]Jendrix56: Shadows, lights and calls that don't come
[@]Jendrix56: Lost in strange worlds
[@]Jendrix56: Far from the laws of men
[@]Jendrix56: Nature in motion ( A forest )
[@]Jendrix56: About uncertain journeys
[@]Jendrix56: The king of tears
[@]Jendrix56: The window
[@]Jendrix56: Solitudes
[@]Jendrix56: .....a world to discover
[@]Jendrix56: A peace that never comes
[@]Jendrix56: No going back