Garry9600: Brereton Lake
Garry9600: Along the Amisk Hiking Trail
Garry9600: Blossoms
Garry9600: True North Square Towers
Garry9600: True North Square Plaza
Garry9600: Autumn Warmth
Garry9600: Feed me and I'll follow you anywhere!
Garry9600: Angel Trumpet in the Morning
Garry9600: "Crystal Castle" Main Entrance
Garry9600: "Fantasy Gallery"
Garry9600: "Temple of Heaven" Pagoda
Garry9600: Spotted Leapard
Garry9600: Kodiak Bear
Garry9600: Siberian Tiger Walking
Garry9600: Siberian Tiger
Garry9600: Rio Grande Gorge
Garry9600: Union Station at Night
Garry9600: Ancient Taos Pueblo
Garry9600: Hollyhocks - End of Season Holdouts
Garry9600: Inside the "Oldest House"
Garry9600: "Oldest House" Santa Fe
Garry9600: San Miguel Mission (Interior)
Garry9600: Courtyard - New Mexico Museum of Art
Garry9600: New Mexico from 10,900 feet
Garry9600: A "Wild" Encounter
Garry9600: Sleepy Goslings
Garry9600: Stained Glass at St. John Cathedral
Garry9600: Cathedral Church of St. John
Garry9600: A Couple of Old Timers at the Saloon
Garry9600: National Music Centre ... "Into the Blues"