trullez: Striped shell
trullez: Turnip
trullez: Bindweeds on Reed
trullez: Autumn on the Beach B/W
trullez: Autumn on the Beach
trullez: Flyby Maasvlakte II, and hanging on
trullez: Fly By Maasvlakte II
trullez: Fallen Giant in the Forrest
trullez: Amethist Deceiver, Laccaria amethystina
trullez: The lamella of a porcelain fungus
trullez: Autumn Colors
trullez: Mushroom and Bokeh
trullez: Mushrooms with bokeh
trullez: A Mushroom basically
trullez: Black Cat on a Cemetery
trullez: The old distillery, the teddybear and a watchful grebe.
trullez: Mushroom in the Mist II
trullez: The last sun, shines bright.
trullez: Autumn with Diaplan
trullez: Sia the mushroom
trullez: “The little sofa of Elves”, Trametes versicolor
trullez: Mushrooms in the rain
trullez: Aleuria Aurantia,
trullez: Mushroom in the Mist
trullez: Green Tomatoes in Black & White
trullez: Bokito looking at you
trullez: Oudemansiella mucida with Bokeh
trullez: Oudemansiella mucida in the limelight
trullez: Standing in Monochrome
trullez: Running in Monochrome