liam_m_ryan: 🐞
liam_m_ryan: 🐞
liam_m_ryan: My painting of the old thunderbird logo from the Thunderbird Hotel, Las Vegas
liam_m_ryan: Pawoo!!
liam_m_ryan: Frog tickling the ivory
liam_m_ryan: shells
liam_m_ryan: Pussycat
liam_m_ryan: Remembering the Bee Eaters of East Leake
liam_m_ryan: Puffin needed more colour!
liam_m_ryan: King’s portrait
liam_m_ryan: Mackaw portrait
liam_m_ryan: Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as a sheep
liam_m_ryan: Peacock feathers
liam_m_ryan: Peacocking again
liam_m_ryan: Peacock peacocking
liam_m_ryan: Overdressed???
liam_m_ryan: Attention seeker
liam_m_ryan: Glencoe Summit
liam_m_ryan: Golden Eagle
liam_m_ryan: Little Owl
liam_m_ryan: Barn Owl close-up
liam_m_ryan: Barn Owl eyeing the setting sun
liam_m_ryan: Barn Owl
liam_m_ryan: Mallard Drake portrait
liam_m_ryan: Orangutan baby
liam_m_ryan: Orangutan
liam_m_ryan: Orangutan baby