yamstar1: A little light in the world.
yamstar1: Running in an empty town.
yamstar1: Along a nameless track
yamstar1: The edge
yamstar1: Isolation
yamstar1: Long distance information
yamstar1: ........and the dog came too.
yamstar1: Out of the light.
yamstar1: Together.
yamstar1: Waiting for the early bus.
yamstar1: Possibilities.
yamstar1: Factory Road.
yamstar1: Dark night in the city.
yamstar1: The beach. (After Hokusai.)
yamstar1: Sunrise in the city.
yamstar1: The top of the hill.
yamstar1: Looking for the new.
yamstar1: Jackfield.
yamstar1: In the night.
yamstar1: The old railway line.
yamstar1: Early evening.
yamstar1: City lights
yamstar1: The waterfront.
yamstar1: Rainy day.
yamstar1: A paddle at the end of summer.
yamstar1: The house in the storm
yamstar1: Night view.
yamstar1: The last spectator.
yamstar1: The house above the steps.