emily_jo_donatello: Day to Remember. Combine sadness with hope. From last year's ceremony in Bethlehem, PA.
emily_jo_donatello: Sloppy Selfie. The timer seemed to set itself. I could see the red light flashing. So I did what I could -- step back and let it snap!
emily_jo_donatello: Grading on the S-Curve, or Take me to Dinner?
emily_jo_donatello: If I'm invited, I'd go! To the Cocktail Party at the Museum, I mean. But I would need an Escort, I think.
emily_jo_donatello: Oh! Why not? I simply enjoyed the fun of this ensemble.
emily_jo_donatello: Across the borderline. Stamped.
emily_jo_donatello: Well-Heeled. Rarely do I wear heels to work. But these are comfy enough for all-day. I like the way they play.
emily_jo_donatello: Footloose or Hip-Hop or Spot On. You tell me.
emily_jo_donatello: Shift Supervisor. You've all been so complimentary of this tribute to our amazing nurses and to me personally. Here I am on the night shift. Care, everyone. Please care always!.
emily_jo_donatello: Beyond the therapeutic there's the paperwork. I console myself with the knowledge that careful record-keeping will aid the medical effort. To do this work I must wear my glasses.
emily_jo_donatello: In tribute to those thousands of women who care for the sick and deliver hope within a time of near hopelessness.
emily_jo_donatello: If the Fates had twisted another way, I'd have been a Librarian, I'm sure.
emily_jo_donatello: Rounding the S-Curve
emily_jo_donatello: Proudly Aglow.
emily_jo_donatello: Speculating.
emily_jo_donatello: Stripes Subtly. Tried this combination today, not wholly satisfied but has potential.
emily_jo_donatello: Closely, as I see you, and you me.
emily_jo_donatello: Fall Colors!
emily_jo_donatello: Contact Sheet. Experiments in lighting. Contact? Well, that's a matter of choice.
emily_jo_donatello: We're close, the site says. I see it a little, just a little. Do you?
emily_jo_donatello: Looking Out while Looking Up!
emily_jo_donatello: Ooops. I did it again. Miss October!
emily_jo_donatello: Beyond My Belief!
emily_jo_donatello: Femme Fatale! Noir Dangereux.
emily_jo_donatello: Waiting for a Buss. (Oh! And I can spell!)
emily_jo_donatello: Balcony White slight variety.
emily_jo_donatello: Floral Peace from a nearly forgotten archive.
emily_jo_donatello: One day, this; Next day, that. We were powerless and internet-less for six and a half days. Ah, the 19th Century! It's so ancient.