ili76: If you hear singing, stop, bad people don't sing
ili76: People grow where they are appreciated, go where they are welcomed and stay where they are loved.
ili76: When you least expect it, life gives you the most valuable lessons
ili76: Healers are not holy beings from heaven…
ili76: And destiny said: You will find the love of your life but you will never be together
ili76: Once the mind agrees with the heart it's game over
ili76: Feeling is the purest form of truth
ili76: I feel the need to be so silent that I don't even say anything to myself
ili76: The really important things in life cannot be bought or measured. They laugh, they cry, they trembled
ili76: How amazing is it to find someone who want to hear about all things that go on in your head
ili76: It is so easy to get down to the minds of children, but so hard to rise to the heights of their soul
ili76: We can roll the dice as much as we want, God has the power to place them
ili76: Do we sometimes think of each other at the same time?
ili76: If I could reach you believe me I would, but I can't, so I put my hand on my heart, I closed my eyes... and I found you
ili76: Tonight we meet in my dream or in your dream?
ili76: Have a great day everyone:')
ili76: In life there is no need to give explanations. Friends don't need them, enemies don't believe them,idiots don't understand them
ili76: It is said that every strong man is not created among people, but in solitude
ili76: Be careful what you think. You never know who's listening.
ili76: New generation ..
ili76: You can go to the other side of the world but if you don't leave certain rooms of your mind, you wil always live in the same place
ili76: How long will you love me? - Until tomorrow! - Only until tomorrow? :-( - Yesterday passed. Today it takes a little but tomorrow it will be forever :-)
ili76: Hunger is the first element of self-discipline
ili76: Turn the sound of worries down and go with confidence and faith towards your dreams
ili76: Take the risk! If you succeed you will be happy. If you lose you will be smarter
ili76: Have a great new week everyone
ili76: If a girl keeps loving you after you break her heart, you'll probably never find another one like her
ili76: Life is like a meal at a restaurant
ili76: As long as the music is loud the memories cannot be heard
ili76: When you read a book, turn the page carefully...not to crush the soul of the person who wrote it