mike__29: Denton Buc-ee's
mike__29: Geese on an evening flight
mike__29: Red fox squirrel hanging out
mike__29: Evening sun on the street light
mike__29: Red Fox Squirrel
mike__29: Evening Moon
mike__29: Snowy Stones
mike__29: Snacking Squirrel
mike__29: Pinecone in the Snow
mike__29: Squirrel on its Perch
mike__29: A view of Pikes Peak from the highlands
mike__29: Summer Wildflower
mike__29: Birds at dusk
mike__29: Royal Gorge Gondola
mike__29: Geese in their Pond
mike__29: Mallard Chillin
mike__29: Mount Blue Sky in the Distance (Explored)
mike__29: Sunflower
mike__29: Spring buds
mike__29: Summer Wildflowers
mike__29: Stream
mike__29: Two trees
mike__29: Blue Sky Bare Tree
mike__29: Red branches in the snowy woods
mike__29: Fallen tree over creek
mike__29: Longs Peak
mike__29: Mount Blue Sky
mike__29: Fox Sculpture
mike__29: Golden hour pine needles
mike__29: Full Moon on a clear night