adrie7tp: Lampshades
adrie7tp: Sculpted by nature
adrie7tp: Berries
adrie7tp: Back to earth
adrie7tp: Mind and music
adrie7tp: Springtime
adrie7tp: Caring for nature
adrie7tp: Caution
adrie7tp: Still life on the beach
adrie7tp: Shell in sand
adrie7tp: Quiet Stone
adrie7tp: Stirring water
adrie7tp: Shamanic drumbeat
adrie7tp: Cashmyra speeks
adrie7tp: Doors closed
adrie7tp: Hi there
adrie7tp: Gently moving reflections
adrie7tp: Stil water.
adrie7tp: Early springtime: birth in the garden.
adrie7tp: Time to rest
adrie7tp: Fog across water.
adrie7tp: Breezy winter beach
adrie7tp: Still life
adrie7tp: Strawberry
adrie7tp: Comfort for the elderly
adrie7tp: Sunrays and clouds
adrie7tp: Landscape
adrie7tp: Board-walk
adrie7tp: Parking stands