federicanassig: Inside the universe
federicanassig: Amiens cathedral
federicanassig: Amiens cemetery
federicanassig: Costiera Amalfitana
federicanassig: Le chein
federicanassig: An house in Trentino
federicanassig: Autumn in the wood
federicanassig: Fisherman
federicanassig: Sea and dreams
federicanassig: Braies's lake
federicanassig: English country land
federicanassig: A bridge in a small village
federicanassig: What a wood!
federicanassig: The lake and the fisherman
federicanassig: One lake in Trentino's land
federicanassig: German's vineyards
federicanassig: The vineyards
federicanassig: The tall tree
federicanassig: In the heart of Dolomites
federicanassig: Colors in the night
federicanassig: Neon flash
federicanassig: Fish and chips
federicanassig: Inside the spirt
federicanassig: The trees around me