nia__m: Seeing sweet dreams near her prey
nia__m: Peaceful autumn
nia__m: Up
nia__m: Gray tail for winter and red chest and paws after summer
nia__m: Autumn peace
nia__m: Up high
nia__m: Black and white
nia__m: Graceful autumn
nia__m: September finally remembered that it's time to colour the leaves
nia__m: If end of week was a cat
nia__m: What is he thinking about?
nia__m: Pale autumn (Russia, Moscow region)
nia__m: The light ahead
nia__m: Lying down after going wild, still wild :)
nia__m: Big world of small living things
nia__m: Rain at sunset (Kolomna, Russia)
nia__m: Last summer breath (Russia, Moscow region, shot taken with Samsung A51)
nia__m: The Caspian horizon (Russia, Astrakhan region)
nia__m: 🍂🍄🌿
nia__m: Going... I mean lying down wild
nia__m: Green and more green
nia__m: Autumn is coming (Moscow, Russia)
nia__m: Young straw cat
nia__m: Looking up (Prague, Czech Republic)
nia__m: One quick looking up (Moscow, Russia)
nia__m: "What?"
nia__m: Blue Grotto (Malta)
nia__m: Summer street (Moscow, Russia)
nia__m: River in the salt lake (Baskunchak, Astrakhan region, Russia)
nia__m: 2021-08-12_10-56-49