Jonnie Lynn Lace: Oldie but Goodie
Cristiano Antognotti: Former textile factory
Obscureserenity: Fletchers Papermill
Obscureserenity: Chateau Secession
Obscureserenity: Methodist Hall
Obscureserenity: Plazzo di L
Obscureserenity: Seminatrio T
t.dxr: don’t look up when i’m looking down
Lost & Abandoned Places: Mortem Domus M.
stefaan.decuypere: Abandoned Textile Factory Chang Shing_006
borderlands.urbex: Freezing Cold
Cristiano Antognotti: Former factory
stefaan.decuypere: Abandoned cinema_001
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Coal City Middle School
t.dxr: I love the smell of steel dust in the morning
t.dxr: all bark no bite...
t.dxr: danger de mort
t.dxr: a night none of us will forget
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Chiesa dell'invasione Aliena Théatre Yolo
Berny S2: sheep meat plant - workshop
Foto-Runner: _DSC7513-HDR
Jordi Sureda: Old Stone Bridge
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Willard Asylum
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Rittergut V
Jonnie Lynn Lace: Central High