zshore: “Let me kill this man for you…” - Daario Naharis
zshore: Reservoir Troopers
zshore: What if… the Night King won?…
zshore: “I’m your Huckleberry” - Doc Holliday.
zshore: “MHYSA!” - the people
zshore: “We’re on… a… diplomatic… mission…” - Captain Antilles.
zshore: “Help wasn’t promised lovely girl, only death.” - Jaqen H’ghar
zshore: Patrol on Scarif
zshore: “You can’t be half a gangster.” - Jimmy
zshore: Divergence
zshore: “A Lannister always pays their debts.” - Tyrion
zshore: A Hunter is born…
zshore: “Aim small, miss small.” - Benjamin Martin
zshore: “I don’t care” - Agent Gerard.
zshore: Inspection
zshore: “Long May She Reign.”
zshore: “Do you ever question the nature of your reality?…” - Dr. Ford
zshore: Grand Theft AT-ST
zshore: “Run to your brother.” - Ramsay Bolton
zshore: Darkness…
zshore: “So why do they call him the Joker?…”
zshore: The Fisherman King
zshore: “That’s no moon…” - Obi Wan
zshore: King in the North
zshore: “Clever Girl…” - Warden Muldoon
zshore: Paradox
zshore: “O1-1101-01-0-001-10-1101-0-11-1” - Probe Droid
zshore: Luke becomes the last Jedi
zshore: “Your parents death was not your fault… It was your Father’s.” - Ra's al Ghul
zshore: “Find him… Get him home.” - Captain Hamill.