abby-joan: I can touch my nose with my tongue 😛
abby-joan: Tutan, so curious
abby-joan: Tutan’s new jumper ❤️
abby-joan: Tutans cute look ❤️
abby-joan: Tutans silly time ❤️
abby-joan: Tutan❤️
abby-joan: Toy of the day ❤️
abby-joan: Tutan, all bathed and sunbathing
abby-joan: Dressed and ready for trouble.
abby-joan: Tutan ❤️
abby-joan: Tutan❤️
abby-joan: Tutan having a nibble
abby-joan: Tutan ❤️
abby-joan: Tutan ❤️
abby-joan: Overdose of cuteness ❤️
abby-joan: Tutan, my new boy ❤️
abby-joan: Please move away so I can’t see you !
abby-joan: Forever