burch19958: Sign at Cape Point National Park South Africa
burch19958: Mr. Bingle in front of a fireplace
burch19958: Panoramic of Mirror Lake
burch19958: Mirror Lake, New York
burch19958: The Local Hive Cafe
burch19958: Southern Style Ratatouille
burch19958: Moon and a hot air balloon
burch19958: Street sign in New Orleans French Quarter
burch19958: Sign at Mandina's Reestaurant
burch19958: Horseback Riding on the Beach
burch19958: Steinbrenner circa 1982
burch19958: Rainbow
burch19958: Pheasant on the roadside
burch19958: Northern Downy Woodpecker and House Sparrow
burch19958: Budding Guitarist
burch19958: Osprey perched on a nest on a street sign
burch19958: Chicken thigh, Red cabbage, Sweet corn on the cob
burch19958: Strawberry Poison-dart Frog
burch19958: Peppers and Cucumbers
burch19958: Wild hibiscus
burch19958: Tour DuPont
burch19958: Moonlit summer night
burch19958: Northern Indian Paintbrush
burch19958: Cormorant at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
burch19958: Rings on Fingers
burch19958: Gothic Bob
burch19958: Palisade Plunge Cycle and Shuttle
burch19958: Cover of my father's book
burch19958: Horses in Snow 2010
burch19958: Daylilies with copper pelicans