Adarshmyk: 2 weeks 2 late for fall colours
Adarshmyk: Time to move out!!!!!
Adarshmyk: Looking for early morning snack
Adarshmyk: Cyclops arch @Alabama Hills
Adarshmyk: Boot arch bathed in Milky Way glow on a moonless summer night
Adarshmyk: Godzilla's final resting place
Adarshmyk: Marina del rey
Adarshmyk: City of Santa Monica & Venice
Adarshmyk: Mammoth mountains
Adarshmyk: Mammoth Lakes
Adarshmyk: Joshua Tree National Park Panorama
Adarshmyk: Sunset @Joshua Tree National Park
Adarshmyk: Joshua Tree National Park
Adarshmyk: Venice Beach
Adarshmyk: Boot Arch @Alabama Hills
Adarshmyk: Tufa's
Adarshmyk: Mobius Arch
Adarshmyk: Sunset at Alabama hills
Adarshmyk: Boot Arch
Adarshmyk: Rock formations at Alabama hills with Lone Pine peak in background
Adarshmyk: Lone Pine Peak & Mt. Whitney
Adarshmyk: Tasty Tadpoles
Adarshmyk: White point beach
Adarshmyk: Valley Oak among Wildflowers
Adarshmyk: Oceanside Fishing Pier
Adarshmyk: Gambel's quail ready to dart
Adarshmyk: Cooper's hawk keeping an eye
Adarshmyk: Late evening @Borrego Valley
Adarshmyk: Succulent by the office window
Adarshmyk: Joshua trees with snow-dusted mountains