User2130: Allaman at night
User2130: Mon Repos
User2130: Lavaux at sunrise
User2130: Léman at dawn
User2130: Sunrise
User2130: Tree in sunrise
User2130: Early birds
User2130: Ruisseau de la Goille
User2130: Vufflens-la-Ville
User2130: Birds in flight
User2130: Boat on the Leman
User2130: Gymnase de La Cité
User2130: Boat on the Léman
User2130: Sunset in Lavaux
User2130: Epesses, Riex & Grandvaux
User2130: Sunset at Montbenon
User2130: Spectacle décentralisé in Fribourg
User2130: Construction workers lodges in Renens
User2130: Sunrise over Lausanne
User2130: Cat sleeping on a wall in Fribourg
User2130: Geneva
User2130: 0V2A1928-1
User2130: 0V2A1919-1
User2130: Cloud over Leman
User2130: Malley Station
User2130: Renens railway
User2130: Bouée Geneva
User2130: 0V2A3782
User2130: Lawn mower
User2130: Quarry Sunset