rgcmcelroy: Red Maple
rgcmcelroy: Pointy spruce
rgcmcelroy: Colourful shoreline
rgcmcelroy: Reflection
rgcmcelroy: What's an old man like me doing climbing up here?
rgcmcelroy: Our favourite rocky island
rgcmcelroy: Examining the shore
rgcmcelroy: The mouth of Kennedy Bay
rgcmcelroy: Looking south-east
rgcmcelroy: Along the shore of Grand Lake
rgcmcelroy: The Trail to Maunsell Lake
rgcmcelroy: Cotton Grass
rgcmcelroy: The mist is rising
rgcmcelroy: Dawn on Whitson Lake
rgcmcelroy: Morning mist on Whitson Lake
rgcmcelroy: The sun is getting low
rgcmcelroy: Golden Hour
rgcmcelroy: Sun Dog at Dawn
rgcmcelroy: The mouth of Louie Creek
rgcmcelroy: Geese in the Mist
rgcmcelroy: I can't resist dead jack pines
rgcmcelroy: Evening light on the Petawawa Hills
rgcmcelroy: Spruce Grouse
rgcmcelroy: Scanning the Shore
rgcmcelroy: Silver Maple
rgcmcelroy: The Petawawa River
rgcmcelroy: Maple Leaves
rgcmcelroy: The sun is just setting
rgcmcelroy: The Petawawa Hills
rgcmcelroy: Back in the bush