gothamparks: New York Abides, as do New Yorkers
gothamparks: Neon Stripes
gothamparks: The Y in Harlem
gothamparks: Medics Mural - Times Square
gothamparks: 8th Avenue Verve
gothamparks: Moynihan Train Hall III
gothamparks: Moynihan Train Hall II
gothamparks: Moynihan Train Hall
gothamparks: Times Square at the start of 2021
gothamparks: Bryant Park Browsing
gothamparks: Crossroad Reds
gothamparks: Storefront 2020 Night Blues
gothamparks: Commerce and the Cathedral
gothamparks: Green Eternal Streetlife
gothamparks: Leaning into the Street
gothamparks: Facetime
gothamparks: Stairway to Morningside
gothamparks: Corner Graf
gothamparks: Broad Red
gothamparks: Train Angles
gothamparks: West Harlem Water Tower
gothamparks: Stepping and Shopping
gothamparks: Riverside Crown
gothamparks: W 116th Overlook
gothamparks: Light Lines
gothamparks: Winter Village Look
gothamparks: Midtown Reds
gothamparks: Helmet Meridian
gothamparks: Joy through the Wire
gothamparks: Broadway Blues, Reds and Pinks