igster991: Bandstand
igster991: Cathedral in Autumn
igster991: Meteora
igster991: Parliament
igster991: Beauty of Spring
igster991: Enjoying Spring
igster991: Blossoms
igster991: The Guest
igster991: Springtime
igster991: Bastion
igster991: Steinsdalsfossen
igster991: Pot pourri
igster991: Askøy
igster991: Fountain in Spring
igster991: Travel Money
igster991: February Snow
igster991: Winter Falls
igster991: Autumn Falls
igster991: The Boathouse
igster991: Kaigaten
igster991: Winter Reflections
igster991: Fossen Bratte
igster991: Frozen
igster991: Vaagen
igster991: Lights On
igster991: Meteora Sundown
igster991: Bergen Christtmas
igster991: End of the Day
igster991: Natural Beauty
igster991: Rush Hour