travelling_slonik: In the Casino… Faites vos jeux !
travelling_slonik: Arriving at Chausey Island
travelling_slonik: Waking up in Corfu
travelling_slonik: A succession of panoramas along the northwestern coast of Corfu
travelling_slonik: Play of colours
travelling_slonik: Some arrive 😊, some leave ☹
travelling_slonik: Attending Mass in the Basilica de Santa Luzia
travelling_slonik: In the alleys of Monaco-Ville
travelling_slonik: Monaco cathedral, where Grace Kelly is buried
travelling_slonik: Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
travelling_slonik: St Michael's Golden Domed Monastery, Kiev
travelling_slonik: St Michael's Golden Domed Monastery, Kiev
travelling_slonik: Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial
travelling_slonik: Widerstandsnest 62, Omaha Beach
travelling_slonik: Remains of the Mulberry Harbour (1944)
travelling_slonik: Skoda’s tank hunter (1944)
travelling_slonik: Pointe du Hoc in Normandy, bomb craters everywhere
travelling_slonik: Pointe du Hoc, Normandy
travelling_slonik: Normandy, "Batterie de Longues"
travelling_slonik: Normandy, "Batterie de Crisbecq"
travelling_slonik: Normandy, Omaha Beach today, once a 7 km long death scene for more than 4.000 young men (Americans and Germans)
travelling_slonik: Normandy, Omaha Beach - The Braves
travelling_slonik: Warsaw, old town market square
travelling_slonik: Just curiosity
travelling_slonik: Fancy a bike trip?
travelling_slonik: Fancy a hike?
travelling_slonik: Fancy a swim?
travelling_slonik: Abandoned bobsleigh track
travelling_slonik: Ugly ruin, beautiful scenery