travelling_slonik: Fontevraud Abbey, the "Tour d’Évraud"
travelling_slonik: Reflection
travelling_slonik: Pokeberries
travelling_slonik: Partial view of Villandry castle garden
travelling_slonik: Amboise Castle, the final resting place of Leonardo da Vinci
travelling_slonik: Chambord, the castle with a forest of towers and chimneys
travelling_slonik: The majestic castle of Cheverny
travelling_slonik: Château de Villandry, jardin à la française
travelling_slonik: The city of Blois on the Loire River
travelling_slonik: Modern architecture, Antwerp
travelling_slonik: Border landscape between Germany and Austria
travelling_slonik: Coming home
travelling_slonik: The artwork, the paddlers, the sea and the sun
travelling_slonik: Blue hour in Porto
travelling_slonik: In the next seconds I got a free shower
travelling_slonik: Stairway to heaven?
travelling_slonik: Beautiful soothing backdrop for my evening walk
travelling_slonik: Zell am See, sandwiched between lake and mountains
travelling_slonik: War victim
travelling_slonik: Wanted: handyman to fix up my entrance
travelling_slonik: Remedy for the July heat wave
travelling_slonik: Girona, 12 colours in 1 picture
travelling_slonik: Remains of an old breakwater
travelling_slonik: Loggia of an art nouveau house built in 1903
travelling_slonik: Cathedral of Our Lady, Portal of the Last Judgment (Antwerp, Belgium)
travelling_slonik: Happy Fence
travelling_slonik: Sea gulls at wind force 8 Beaufort
travelling_slonik: Nkisi... or Congolese witchcraft
travelling_slonik: Je pense, donc je suis
travelling_slonik: Wow, what a beautiful cathedral !