abella7460236: Recycling: LOOKING CLOSE... on FRIDAY! EARRINGS
abella7460236: Looking Close...on Friday. This is edited, do You like #1 or #2. This is 2. ??I would really like some feedback so I can apply different lighting techniques for photos like this that duplicate in the same pattern and color. I think # 1 is horrible and I
abella7460236: Earrings HLC on Friday!
abella7460236: Democracy Prevails...New Growth & Hope
abella7460236: HCT! My Lucky Piece
abella7460236: HCT! My Lucky Piece
abella7460236: I Thank You God for Shelter!
abella7460236: Trumps Breakfast lol
abella7460236: Colorful Texture Pucci Scarf HMM
abella7460236: Soothing Warm Fuzzy
abella7460236: Variety
abella7460236: Raindrops are Falling on my Head
abella7460236: Shadows on Snow
abella7460236: Stands a Tree
abella7460236: Sticks & Snow
abella7460236: Sugary Swirl
abella7460236: NAMASTE
abella7460236: Lipstick Happy Looking Close...On Friday!!
abella7460236: Mural by Karen Portaleo
abella7460236: Soft Lily
abella7460236: Frosted Sun
abella7460236: Happy Hump Day 😊
abella7460236: Candy Carousel HCT 😊
abella7460236: Bacon & Spinach Quiche
abella7460236: Bacon & Spinach Quiche
abella7460236: Shine On
abella7460236: 2021-01-06 05:48:53
abella7460236: Bubbles
abella7460236: Opposites. HCT