alanhowden1: Robin (Erithacus rubecula)
alanhowden1: Kingfisher
alanhowden1: Millennium Bridge Gateshead.
alanhowden1: The Iron Bridge
alanhowden1: Lincoln Cathedral
alanhowden1: Calm Among The Chaos...
alanhowden1: Lincoln Cathedral
alanhowden1: Greestone Stairs, Lincoln, UK
alanhowden1: Autumn Hues, Lincoln Cathedral.
alanhowden1: York Railway Station
alanhowden1: William Bliss Mill...
alanhowden1: Autumn creeping in....
alanhowden1: Number 9 B&B
alanhowden1: Chipping Norton
alanhowden1: Broadway Tower
alanhowden1: Old Mill, Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds
alanhowden1: Parish Church Of Saint Mary
alanhowden1: Cottage by the ford, Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds
alanhowden1: St Peter's Church, Upper Slaughter, Cotswolds.
alanhowden1: Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds
alanhowden1: All aboard...
alanhowden1: Pushy Cat....
alanhowden1: Waiting Platform 2....
alanhowden1: Mind The Gap...
alanhowden1: 34081 '92 SQUADRON'
alanhowden1: 46100 'Royal Scot'
alanhowden1: Tyne Bridges
alanhowden1: Millennium Bridge Newcastle
alanhowden1: Light At The Edge Of The Tunnel