mseagerthomas: Temperature differential
mseagerthomas: Flaked obsidian "axe" from Maunga Orito. Rapa Nui
mseagerthomas: Mata'a
mseagerthomas: Obsidian working debitage
mseagerthomas: Faux moai
mseagerthomas: Inland ahu
mseagerthomas: Heritage landscape
mseagerthomas: Drystone wall
mseagerthomas: Tourist fare
mseagerthomas: Identity politics
mseagerthomas: Hau Koka
mseagerthomas: Rano Kau from the south
mseagerthomas: Sweet potato
mseagerthomas: Hakenkreuz
mseagerthomas: I assume this is not what it purports to be...
mseagerthomas: Quercus robur
mseagerthomas: Another pill box
mseagerthomas: Leaves and stones
mseagerthomas: Rural metalwork
mseagerthomas: Sussex today
mseagerthomas: Horsham slates
mseagerthomas: The King's Liverpool Regiment
mseagerthomas: Rowing boat
mseagerthomas: Barn find
mseagerthomas: Brown paint
mseagerthomas: Rubrum reticulatum
mseagerthomas: After the fences went up
mseagerthomas: Photo opportunity
mseagerthomas: Totora reed boat