dd.andrreevna: choice.
dd.andrreevna: depersonalization.
dd.andrreevna: Hidden "Bad Vision" series
dd.andrreevna: Tea pt.1
dd.andrreevna: Tea pt.2
dd.andrreevna: Tea pt.3
dd.andrreevna: Tea pt.4
dd.andrreevna: Tea pt.5
dd.andrreevna: Tea pt.6
dd.andrreevna: "Bad Vision" series
dd.andrreevna: Portrait of Alice,2019. One of my favorites.
dd.andrreevna: My place is quiet. There are no dreams, And, no desire.
dd.andrreevna: I will catch your soul, and then it(you) will be mine forever. Winter 2020
dd.andrreevna: old selfportrait
dd.andrreevna: Puella, cucurbita, campus, silva.
dd.andrreevna: "things" series
dd.andrreevna: tree(me)
dd.andrreevna: Precipitation is expected in the form of memories.
dd.andrreevna: "things" series
dd.andrreevna: someone is running
dd.andrreevna: Soil & feet
dd.andrreevna: Ancient (no)
dd.andrreevna: "things"
dd.andrreevna: wings but not.
dd.andrreevna: "ViVUM" series
dd.andrreevna: spooky.scary.boo