depraveDyer: IMG_5637
depraveDyer: keyhole
depraveDyer: IMG_5571
depraveDyer: IMG_5595
depraveDyer: Tiny bubbles...
depraveDyer: Fallen
depraveDyer: I grew a chicken!!
depraveDyer: IMG_5464
depraveDyer: Autumn n the PNW
depraveDyer: Hope is a thing with wings...
depraveDyer: spiral
depraveDyer: Whooo goes there?
depraveDyer: Blue Moon
depraveDyer: Tiny Pumpkins/Gourds
depraveDyer: Green Quartz
depraveDyer: Golden
depraveDyer: Fat Bottom Girls ~ Queen
depraveDyer: IMG_5082
depraveDyer: IMG_5253
depraveDyer: Leaves
depraveDyer: pumpkin vine still going strong
depraveDyer: IMG_5210
depraveDyer: IMG_5205
depraveDyer: Back end of beetle on milkweed
depraveDyer: ...and we're off!
depraveDyer: IMG_5181
depraveDyer: I make pretty string...
depraveDyer: Off we go...
depraveDyer: Peek-a-boo