PaulRusso857: abandoned
PaulRusso857: mossy Buddha
PaulRusso857: Victoria Harbor morning
PaulRusso857: bayside sunset
PaulRusso857: green mountain stream
PaulRusso857: shrimp and clam
PaulRusso857: sail to Alcatraz
PaulRusso857: done surfing
PaulRusso857: cotton ball clouds
PaulRusso857: moon over the bridge
PaulRusso857: clouds on fire
PaulRusso857: River Horse
PaulRusso857: moonlight sail
PaulRusso857: cliffs on the shore
PaulRusso857: grey overlook
PaulRusso857: in icy waters
PaulRusso857: surrounded
PaulRusso857: ready for harvest
PaulRusso857: Practice race
PaulRusso857: fishing
PaulRusso857: sun through a tree
PaulRusso857: lily pads
PaulRusso857: through the skylight
PaulRusso857: marina at sunset
PaulRusso857: hallway: Essex County Sanatorium
PaulRusso857: heading home
PaulRusso857: trees in the sand
PaulRusso857: Waterwheel Farm
PaulRusso857: golden lake
PaulRusso857: blue and green