pauld3563: Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia
pauld3563: Rear view, Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia
pauld3563: 2021-04-13_09-04-46
pauld3563: Flowing reflections
pauld3563: DiBruno Brothers, South Philadelphia
pauld3563: Rim Cafe, South Philadelphia
pauld3563: Part of a series of waterfalls in Lehigh Gorge State Park
pauld3563: Beautiful old homes in Rittenhoue Square area of Philadelphia
pauld3563: Rear of the Museum of Art - and some sky scrapers , Philadelphia. Oh, and a woman feeding ducks
pauld3563: Esposito's meats, in South Philadelphia's Italian Market
pauld3563: Spring afternoon from the Schuylkill River
pauld3563: View of Center City Philly from the Schuylkill River
pauld3563: Bridge on the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia
pauld3563: Boulderwoods Lake (in explore)
pauld3563: evening in the park
pauld3563: Wonderful nature, and possible signs of spring?
pauld3563: Taking a winter dip
pauld3563: Happy Fence Friday from Lehigh Gorge State Park
pauld3563: The Old Bar/Bookbinders, Walnut Street, Philadelphia. (in explore)
pauld3563: Lovely design
pauld3563: morning trip to one of my favorite places
pauld3563: Foot bridge over the Pennypack Creek, Philadelphia
pauld3563: Walk with my friend
pauld3563: Rhawn Street Bridge over the Pennypack Creek in Philadelphia
pauld3563: A walk in the park (in explore)
pauld3563: Winter wonderland where city meets park
pauld3563: Another neighborhood sunset
pauld3563: Handsome
pauld3563: Painted sky over the Delaware River
pauld3563: Fishtown