marco.n.m.: forgotten
marco.n.m.: spring in the meadow
marco.n.m.: mayfly
marco.n.m.: mayfly
marco.n.m.: pillar
marco.n.m.: summerlike töss
marco.n.m.: stone path
marco.n.m.: töss river the beach
marco.n.m.: töss river the beach
marco.n.m.: distant bridge
marco.n.m.: houses behind the meadow
marco.n.m.: töss river in the spring
marco.n.m.: jungle
marco.n.m.: remote coziness
marco.n.m.: töss river stone bank
marco.n.m.: tree to the creek
marco.n.m.: stone fall
marco.n.m.: töss river through the töss valley
marco.n.m.: safe under the tree
marco.n.m.: rusty bridge in the meadow
marco.n.m.: modern swiss village
marco.n.m.: rural green
marco.n.m.: rusty mechanism
marco.n.m.: not a single cloud not a single plane
marco.n.m.: blue corona sky
marco.n.m.: steel and wood over the water
marco.n.m.: unkraut
marco.n.m.: Nice old house
marco.n.m.: the days come in all colors, also in grey #norway
marco.n.m.: old container