givethemoneytothepoor: Frozen gorse and misty breath
givethemoneytothepoor: Cliff caves on windy days
givethemoneytothepoor: Low winter sun
givethemoneytothepoor: Going back to the bridge that we smoked under as kids
givethemoneytothepoor: Sand dunes, cold winds and golden hour
givethemoneytothepoor: Time and reflection
givethemoneytothepoor: Sleeping kitten
givethemoneytothepoor: UEA in the mid afternoon
givethemoneytothepoor: Late autumn, between showers.
givethemoneytothepoor: I miss the summer
givethemoneytothepoor: Pub farewell party
givethemoneytothepoor: Beach juggler
givethemoneytothepoor: Public parks in a summer where groups sat apart
givethemoneytothepoor: Lockdown evenings
givethemoneytothepoor: Cold water on a hot day
givethemoneytothepoor: Abandoned golf course drinks
givethemoneytothepoor: Long evening, sofa sleeping
givethemoneytothepoor: Tea, ferns and window light
givethemoneytothepoor: Pandemic sunshine
givethemoneytothepoor: Cactus flowers
givethemoneytothepoor: The last climb before lockdown
givethemoneytothepoor: Lying in bed when it's sunny outside
givethemoneytothepoor: Night window shopping
givethemoneytothepoor: Grass, sunshine and reading
givethemoneytothepoor: Sleeping cat
givethemoneytothepoor: Sunsets and portraits
givethemoneytothepoor: Sailing the Scottish Coast