tedmank: Busy Bee
tedmank: plant
tedmank: Hornet
tedmank: Eaglet at its nest taken from road
tedmank: Hornet dressed for battle.
tedmank: Stigma of a tiny Lavender encased in water droplet
tedmank: Macro x2 magnification Lavender
tedmank: Lavender after the rain
tedmank: Fly - need a big fly swatter for this one.
tedmank: Aerie with two eaglets
tedmank: Aerie with two eaglets
tedmank: Bald Eagle guarding its nest
tedmank: Mclaren Falls river rats group
tedmank: Butterfly and friend
tedmank: Free lunch
tedmank: Dance of the butterflies
tedmank: And now the synchronized diving event.
tedmank: alligator with an appetite
tedmank: STAR TRAIL trial #1
tedmank: grand canyon - balancing rock
tedmank: Gand Canyon with Colorado River
tedmank: Grand Canyon
tedmank: Grand Canyon
tedmank: A Grand Canyon
tedmank: Turtle coming up for air
tedmank: Sunset in Fiji
tedmank: Penguin on the Falklands
tedmank: A smile you can trust.
tedmank: Photo shoot on Oceanside Pier stopped traffic.
tedmank: Sand Piper