rickygarni: Would Anyone Care To join Me For A Walk
rickygarni: NYC and Proud Of It
rickygarni: taking his sweet time to change for the ball
rickygarni: I decided to take my childhood abacus
rickygarni: sad flowers
rickygarni: Maybe a Flying Witch
rickygarni: why are the halloween decorations so much more frightening this year?
rickygarni: seasonal blowing of the leaf
rickygarni: leaf tango
rickygarni: Home Depot - At the Bewitching Hour
rickygarni: The Halloween - Xmas Equinox
rickygarni: Beloved
rickygarni: mall santa
rickygarni: just a plain ol' branch
rickygarni: not quite blackberries
rickygarni: the Vote
rickygarni: Not A Blackberry
rickygarni: Farmers Market Saturday
rickygarni: Vote! They did - and they waited a long time to do so.
rickygarni: Vote! They did!
rickygarni: the vote
rickygarni: I don't know - maybe they're too pretty to sell!
rickygarni: Tony's Chocolonely Chocolates Are Delicious
rickygarni: the truck said it was just leafing
rickygarni: kitty, in a seasonal mood
rickygarni: The Farmers Market Abides
rickygarni: fig tree
rickygarni: A Soft Brush
rickygarni: dancing girl flower in her hair plus telephone
rickygarni: in the smoke shop