jostakesphotos: mirror view on Gerona
jostakesphotos: la lotería
jostakesphotos: That time of the year . . . .
jostakesphotos: young love
jostakesphotos: The friendly Guard
jostakesphotos: HongKong
jostakesphotos: the gardener
jostakesphotos: Mountains
jostakesphotos: The new time is approaching. . .
jostakesphotos: love birds
jostakesphotos: COVID Days
jostakesphotos: feeding fish
jostakesphotos: Sulawesi
jostakesphotos: shopwindow
jostakesphotos: depresso
jostakesphotos: whippet?
jostakesphotos: Summer in the City
jostakesphotos: India 2016
jostakesphotos: students in India
jostakesphotos: during an evening walk.
jostakesphotos: Proud dad
jostakesphotos: Girls just wanne have fun!
jostakesphotos: Floor, neighbors dog, comes to eat my cookies and for a rest.
jostakesphotos: Last Night
jostakesphotos: Hard work in Fuengirola