johncladefield: Roses in the studio III
johncladefield: Shade lines
johncladefield: Expressionist session VI
johncladefield: Breaking II
johncladefield: Underground minimal abstract
johncladefield: Beach dream V
johncladefield: Painting (Seated in the pool)
johncladefield: Beach dream IV
johncladefield: Late afternoon shadows
johncladefield: Screened
johncladefield: Service entrance
johncladefield: Night lights
johncladefield: Fabric artist in her studio
johncladefield: Insomnia II
johncladefield: Passing through
johncladefield: Intimations VIII
johncladefield: Run through IX
johncladefield: Composition
johncladefield: Beach dream III
johncladefield: Fail better II
johncladefield: Fail better
johncladefield: Beach dream II
johncladefield: Spotlit sculpture
johncladefield: Strident
johncladefield: Emanation
johncladefield: Vigil II
johncladefield: Intimations VII