Mademoiselle Couché: 334/366 Seeing these exquisite gumnuts on a gum tree it’s easy to see how and why May Gibbs developed her iconic characters gumnut babies Snugglepot and Cuddle-pie. These are characters well known to generations of Australians.
Mademoiselle Couché: 333/366 These awnings caught my eye as I was walking along my street to get gelato. They decorate the restaurant; 400 Gradi.
Mademoiselle Couché: 332/366 This is an elegant and simple silver and glass Claret jug.
Mademoiselle Couché: 331/366 Back end highlighting the stylish, decorative, over-engineered stainless steel hubcaps of a Renault Floride Convertible which I spotted up on the hoist while dropping off my Peugeot 504 at my local French car mechanic today.
Mademoiselle Couché: 330/366 The fountain opposite Grey Street on the east side of the Fitzroy Gardens and known simply as the "Grey Street" fountain is one of the oldest fountains to be found in Melbourne's Gardens.
Mademoiselle Couché: 329/366 Metropolitan Meat Market, primarily known as Meat Market, in Melbourne, Australia, is a former market building that also incorporates the Metropolitan Hotel (completed in 1874).
Mademoiselle Couché: 328/366 Brave lone dandelion shown standing up against a cloudy sky.
Mademoiselle Couché: 327/366 I saw this gorgeous robust deep pink rose bush walking back from brunch today. Lovely ☺️ 🌹
Mademoiselle Couché: 326/366 As I was stopped at the level crossing on Brunswick Rd Brunswick today I noticed this abandoned set of manual railway point levers sitting in a timber structure surrounded by rubbish.
Mademoiselle Couché: 325/366 This is the original entrance (resplendent in terrazzo) of the King & Godfree food providore.
Mademoiselle Couché: 324/366 Close up of the front of the super stylish Peugeot 504
Mademoiselle Couché: 323/366 A close up of part of a large dramatic and poignant wall mural in Weston St Brunswick. The talented artist is Heesco.
Mademoiselle Couché: 322/366 This generous weeping tree provides respite from the blazing sun as I walk the footpaths around my neighbourhood.
Mademoiselle Couché: 321/366 A very polite sign. No junk mail - thank you. A well established creeper covered front wall in the genteel hospital precinct of East Melbourne evokes an image that could have originated anywhere in the world.
Mademoiselle Couché: 320/366 I walked past these charming semi-detached houses in Fitzroy today. I love their simplicity and symmetry framed by old trees filtering dappled light. There is beauty everywhere all around us.
Mademoiselle Couché: 319/366 This is part of an interesting screen made of stainless steel with laser cut numbers, this one being 4. I found it in the gardens of CERES in Brunswick.
Mademoiselle Couché: 318/366 This is the front gate of Her Majesty's Prison Pentridge. It is such an imposing place and one can only imagine the dread and horror felt by the many who were imprisoned and visited there
Mademoiselle Couché: 317/366 Contemplating a cup of tea from my favourite tea caddy. ☺️
Mademoiselle Couché: 316/366 An attractive Art Deco building forms part of the Dawson Street Police Complex in Brunswick.
Mademoiselle Couché: 315/366 After a hot day here in Melbourne I walked up to Zero Gradi to fry a cup of strawberry gelato. Instant restoration 💕
Mademoiselle Couché: 314/366 Convict graffiti. I walked along the footpath in Grey St East Melbourne and noticed this Broad Arrow and Cross carved into the bluestone gutter.
Mademoiselle Couché: 313/366 Brilliant blue sky viewed through an urban lens.
Mademoiselle Couché: 312/366 Cool graffiti on the side of a building on Lygon St Brunswick. Mash of cultures: Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown walking Keith Haring’s barking dog.
Mademoiselle Couché: 311/366 This interesting and dramatic ground cover surrounds the garden at the front of the Brunswick Mechanics Institute on the corner or Dawson St and Sydney Rd.
Mademoiselle Couché: 310/366 A tree outside Annie Borat free food pantry (Brunswick) decorated with crocheted bees.
Mademoiselle Couché: 309/366 I saw this cute sign as I walked past on my way to get lunch. Luscombe Street Community Garden in Brunswick. This garden is membership-based.
Mademoiselle Couché: 308/366 Stencilled sign on the footpath on the corner of Glenlyon Rd and Lygon St Brunswick.
Mademoiselle Couché: 307/366 Melbourne Fringe Festival 12 - 29 November 2020. Art of the Impossible.
Mademoiselle Couché: 306:366 I was fortunate enough to walk around a corner off Sydney Rd and came across this fabulous mural by talented artist Minna Leunig.
Mademoiselle Couché: 305:366 Mystery object/being.