lad49: Eagle in the snow
lad49: Mallards
lad49: American Kestrel
lad49: Northern Shoveler
lad49: Red-tailed hawk
lad49: Hooded Merganser
lad49: Follow the light
lad49: Buck
lad49: Red-tailed Hawk
lad49: Cedar Waxwing
lad49: Red tailed hawk
lad49: Morning walk
lad49: Leucistic Robin
lad49: Rocky Mountain High
lad49: The valley
lad49: Aspen in morning sunlight
lad49: Aspens
lad49: Portrait in the mountains
lad49: Red Tail Hawk
lad49: Aspens
lad49: Coffee on the street
lad49: Blue bird
lad49: Belter Kingfisher
lad49: Blowing bubbles
lad49: Chess game
lad49: Sneaky fawn
lad49: Blue Jay
lad49: Fox portrait
lad49: Art fair
lad49: Roseate Spoonbill