bibifrocottin: Lines and Shadows ... Stairways to the National Library of France
bibifrocottin: Crossing Paths ... the Escalators of the Samaritaine Store
bibifrocottin: Fly Me To The Moon ... Napoleon 1st Statue
bibifrocottin: Iron Waves ... My Eyes Look Up
bibifrocottin: The World On FiRE ........ Climate Change is NOW
bibifrocottin: Feelings Like Vincent Van Gogh ... Sunflowers in a Painting
bibifrocottin: Feelings Over The Water ...
bibifrocottin: Poppy Flower ... as a Painter
bibifrocottin: Red Line ... Going Somewhere.
bibifrocottin: Waiting for Freedom ... a Rabbit in Plaster in a Jail
bibifrocottin: A Lonely Man ... from Reality to Painting
bibifrocottin: To Jump OR Not To Jump ?
bibifrocottin: PixeLMan ... facing the mirrors string
bibifrocottin: Trees ... Reality and Painting
bibifrocottin: Seine River like a Painter
bibifrocottin: Foxglove Flowers and Texturized Background
bibifrocottin: I Me Myself .... Je Moi Moi-Même
bibifrocottin: Bright Poppy
bibifrocottin: Wet and Shiny
bibifrocottin: Morning Flowers
bibifrocottin: Frozen Morning
bibifrocottin: It Stings
bibifrocottin: Alone in the Storm
bibifrocottin: Sunset at the Garden
bibifrocottin: Life is Dark Side and Bright Side too ... Louvres Museum Pyramid
bibifrocottin: Gold and Blue ... Fern at Fall
bibifrocottin: Lights String
bibifrocottin: Lonely Poppy